When you have a growing portfolio of properties, like in the case of Seda hotels, the group GM needs to ensure a sustainable financial growth. Online distribution is a key strategic element in achieving this goal. Since the very beginning we have been looking for an online distribution partner that will give us personalized service. When we look at the various options in the market, we found DirectWithHotels the most appropriate choice because of their innovative business model. DirectWithHotels offers state of the art technology, provides high level marketing support, and consistently aligns us with the global industry trend in distribution. DirectWithHotels strongly contributed to the growth of the online business segment of Seda Hotels. This is because of the capabilities of the system, the knowledge of their team, and I would say most of all because of the long term vision of their leadership team. They made it easier for us and our guests to transact business online. Since we started using DirectWithHotels as a global solution we have experienced an exponential growth. We know that this will grow more in the future.

Mr. Andrea Mastellone - Group General Manager, Ayala Hotels and Resorts, Seda HotelsMr. Andrea Mastellone
Group General Manager
Ayala Hotels and Resorts,
Seda Hotels