For a local hotel brand like Richmonde Hotel, DirectWithHotels (DWH) is a godsend. By partnering with them we get a team of knowledgeable e-marketers who provides us with their expertise in helping us achieve our end goal of making our official websites our top sales channel. As more and more travelers opt to book online, DWH allows Richmonde to compete with the big international hotel chains with their user-friendly booking engine system and optimized websites. They also work closely with us in implementing digital marketing strategies and online promotions to help increase bookings. And most importantly, they are always just a call away if we have concerns and are quick to reply and address issues. I can say that for Richmonde’s three hotel properties, DWH has helped improve our online business immensely.

Carmen C. Fernando - Managing Director, Richmonde HotelsCarmen C. Fernando
Managing Director
Richmonde Hotels
(Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel & Richmonde Hotel Iloilo)