Bohol Beach Club Resort is a well-known brand that is equivalent to Bohol destination itself. We have a strong following and clientele but our online distribution was weak, both in terms of revenue and profit. DirectWithHotels offered a win-win partnership with our shared goal as the key ingredient.

Within 8 months of the partnership, DirectWithHotels’ business model promise contributed from 0 to 100% increase in our online revenue and up to 70% savings in gross profit. You could already see the trend in the 3rd month of the partnership. Backed by very intuitive and simple booking technology, equipped with online marketing initiatives and a dedicated local coach, we could see the steady increase of reservations coming from the more profitable online distribution channels.

The partnership and shared goals between Bohol Beach Club Resort and DirectWithHotels is truly a remarkable and unique relationship that yields results and delivers.

We did not know how strong our hotel website was in terms of online sales until DirectWithHotels introduced their booking system and their online campaigns. Now, we are harvesting the fruits of our partnership and we thank our local coach for guiding us along the way, making sure we are going in the right direction. She never missed a call!

Bohol Beach Club GM Allan SantosAllan Santos
General Manager
Bohol Beach Club